Cave Becomes Spelunker’s Burial Grounds

The body of the man who died Wednesday, November 25th in Nutty Putty Cave will be left inside the cave as rescue officials and family decided that the area should be closed permanently to avoid any future deaths.john-jones-spelunking-death

“The cave will serve as the final resting place for John Edward Jones,” said Utah County sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon. The family of John will put a permanent memorial in front of the cave. It was decided that it would be very dangerous for anyone who will attempt to retrieve the body.

John and a group of family and friends entered the cave. At some point he wandered on his own and at 400 feet inside became stuck at a 70-degree angle. He was 100 feet below surface. Rescuers were able to pull him out briefly using a pulley system but slipped back when an anchor broke free. He fell but seemed unhurt, however, he started having breathing difficulty two hours later – then there was silence. The 137-member rescue team took 28 hours saving him before he died.

Thousands of people visit the cave each year and several incidents of people getting stuck inside have occurred before. This prompted officials to permanently close the area. At first, it was proposed that only the area where John died would be closed. But nobody thought it will be a good idea to let people have fun in an area where someone died. To totally eliminate any possibility of future deaths, the entire are was to be closed down.

Jones was 26 and left behind his pregnant wife Emily and 14-month-old daughter Elizabeth.