Celebrity Apprentice Ratings Up as Contestant Bret Michaels Undergo New Tests

The-celebrity-apprenticePoison glam rock band singer Bret Michaels may have helped surge the ratings of the current season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

In the latest episode, which was shot months ago, shows Michaels on the brink of being fired after delivering the least amount of money for his team. The episode has a double digit jump when compared to its last week episode. Some say it was because there was no competition as time slot rival Undercover Boss was not shown with a fresh episode.

Michaels is currently in a hospital undergoing tests for a bleeding in his brain. He is in intensive care unit and is being given a 24-hour surveillance.

He is currently suffering from a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage and is experiencing what doctors call as a “thunderclap headache.” This is a pain that is, as Michaels described it, like being repeatedly hit by a baseball bat in the head.