CES 2011: Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid’s GL20 shades

CES 2011: Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid's GL20 shades

Lady Gaga rolled into the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) yesterday to unveil Polaroid’s cutting-edge Grey Label Camera Glasses. The GL20 shades contain a concealed camera and 1.5-inch OLED screens that can capture and display images and video.

“This is the first ever pair of sunglasses that can be worn out to protect your eyes from the sun and they can also take pictures,” said the 24-year-old pop star. “These glasses can be worn in public… to walk around, you can take them to a night club, you can come to one of my shows and wear them.”

The GL20 shades store photos on a chip in the earpiece of the glasses. The device isn’t available yet, but expect it to be available by the end of the year.

Gaga also unveiled a series of other Polaroid Grey Label products that she helped to design, including a digital camera that also prints out photos and a mobile photo printer that can quickly make Polaroid-style paper copies of pictures shot on a digicam.

VIDEO: Lady Gaga at CES 2011