Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter

The idiot box has become too small for the “bitchin’ rock star from Mars,” so Charlie Sheen is bringing his war against the world to the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The “noble” and “chivalrous” actor, as he described himself in a Today Show interview, joined Twitter on Tuesday and immediately amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, who will probably get an overload of tweets about his “tiger blood,” and two “goddesses,” among other topics. The “unemployed winner,” as he proudly says in his Twitter account, has more than 800,000 followers as of noon Wednesday.

The Web has been abuzz about Sheen, whose publicity blitz since his “Two and a Half Men” sitcom was cancelled by CBS has taken him to just about every talk show from television to radio. Sheen’s first tweet was “Winning…! Choose your Vice,” which was accompanied by a photograph of him and one of his live-in “goddesses,” porn star Bree Olson.

Among Sheen’s followers are rapper Diddy and Floyd Mayweather Jr., who instructed his  followers to also follow the actor.