Charlie Sheen Offers To Pay Show’s Crew

charlie-sheenThe highest paid primetime comedy actor in the United States has offered to pay a part of the salaries of his show’s crew who don’t get paid while the program is in hiatus, which was prolonged due to the actor’s personal problems.

Charlie Sheen said that he would pay a third of the salaries of Two and a Half Men‘s crew provided that CBS and Warner Bros. also pay the same share.

The actor entered a rehab center at Cedars-Sinai Hospital last January 29, causing delays in the production of new episodes for the show.

Both the network and the media company declined to comment regarding the star’s offer. Warner Bros. stated, however, that they hope Sheen’s rehab is going well, that he will be healthy in the near future and that they look forward to his return to the show’s production.

Sheen is hoping to get back to work by the end of this month.