Charlie Sheen Pleads Guilty and Avoids Jail

charlie-sheenTwo and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has pleaded guilty for misdemeanor assault in a domestic abuse case involving his wife in exchange for the dropping of two other cases, one of which is a felony charge.

Sheen, 44, will be serving 30 days in a California rehabilitation center, 30 days probation and 36 hours of anger management. The guilty plea was entered in a court in Aspen, Colorado where the incident of hitting his wife Brooke Mueller and threatening her with a knife happened Christmas Day last year.

The other charges against Sheen were criminal mischief (a misdemeanor) and menacing (a felony).

Mueller and Sheen have twin sons Bob and Max who turned a year old last March. The couple both voluntarily entered rehab on separate centers after the incident.

The actor initially said that he would be leaving his current show. However, he signed a new two-year contract for the show last May. Each episode is rumored to give Sheen 1.78 million dollars.