Charlie Sheen to Trademark Catchphrases

Charlie Sheen has reportedly filed an application to trademark 22 of his most famous catchphrases he unleashed during a now-infamous public meltdown earlier this year.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hyro-gliff, a company connected with Sheen, filed trademark applications for such phrases as “Duh, Winning” and “Tiger Blood,” among others. The applications were reportedly filed from March 19-22, or about two weeks after Warner Bros. and CBS fired the 45-year-old actor from the top-rating sitcom “Two and a Half Men.” Trademark applications were also filed for “Rock Star from Mars,” “Vatican Assassin,” “Sober Valley Lodge,” what the actor calls his home, and “Sheen’s Goddesses,” the moniker he gave his girlfriends.

The applications also included Sheen’s name and signature. The applications seek to prevent unauthorized use of the catchphrases in such things as drinks, electronic games, and even slot machines. News about the trademark applications came out as Sheen received standing ovations during the third stop of his nationwide Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in Cleveland.