Chavez Opponents Demand Parliamentary Election Results

Opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have called on the country’s electoral council to release the results of Sunday’s parliamentary election, which they say are already delayed.

Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, leader of the opposition Unity Table, said they recognize the council as the only authorized body that can release the election results. However, the opposition also demands that there be no delay in the release of the results, Aveledo said. “They already know what happened, and we know what happened,” Guillermo said in front of supporters. “We demand they give the country the results it already knows.”

The opposition is hoping to win at least 56 seats in the 165-seat parliament in order to prevent Chavez from being given blanket powers by his allies. Chavez’s allies currently have almost an absolute control of Parliament due to the opposition’s boycott of the 2005 elections. However, voter discontent due to an increase in violent crimes and a surge in inflation has raised the opposition’s hopes of capturing enough seats. The election is also considered a measure of Chavez’s popularity ahead of the 2012 presidential election.