Checking Out the iPad Battery Replacement Policy

After the much hyped pre-order sales of Apple’s latest product – the iPad, potential owners might have not noticed an important aspect of any Apple gadget – the battery.iPad

On its web pages, Apple indicated that if the iPad dies “due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge,” Apple will be happy to replace it for you – but with a fee. The fee costs $99 for the unit plus $6.95 shipping fee plus whatever tax applicable at the owner’s location.

The fee is standard for all versions of the iPad. This means that those who bought the 16GB option will have the same amount to pay with those who bought the 64GB variant.

Before sending the units for battery replacements, all data should be backed-up, but that is something standard when you want something Apple-made fixed. The difference, however, is that you won’t get a new battery. The company says it’ll ship you an entirely new iPad if your iPad’s battery no longer holds a charge.