Chelsea Handler Tapped as VMAs Host

Chelsea Handler and her often-sexually-charged jokes are going to the VMAs, as the “Chelsea Lately” star has been chosen to host the MTV awards show on September 12 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Handler is only the second female host in the 26-year history of the MTV Video Music Awards. Roseanne Barr has the distinction of being the first female VMAs host when she hosted the event in 1994. Handler immediately showed what fans could expect during the show, sarcastically saying in a statement that she fits the VMAs right because of her “close ties” with hip-hop and rap. “This has been a huge year for hip-hop and rap, and it is well-known that I have the closest ties with these communities – musically and sexually,” she joked.

Handler, who is also an author of humor books, is famous for the E! show “Chelsea Lately,” where the 35-year-old comedian tackles various pop culture issues. She also attracted controversy when an alleged sex tape of her came out earlier this year.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.