Chicago Gun Ordinance Takes Effect

gunAn ordinance not allowing the carrying of guns outside homes took effect in Chicago Monday, July 12.

The ordinance will allow anyone to buy one handgun upon acquiring a Chicago firearm permit. Five hours of weapons training will be required for the owner. However, the guns are only allowed inside homes. Bringing them to porches, garages or outside decks and stairs are not allowed.

Gun shops and sales are also banned. Purchase of guns is restricted to only one per month per person.

A permit will not be given to anyone convicted of either violent crimes or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The ban was passed unanimously by the city council 45-0. The city admits that the ordinance goes further than any other city in the country.

Gun advocates insist that the ordinance violates the citizens’ rights as bestowed by the Second Amendment of the United States constitution. This amendment ensures the right to keep and bear arms.