Children killed in an Afghan car bomb attack


KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber has hit a government building in Afghanistan in an attempt to attack a meeting of tribal elders. The bomber blew himself near an Afghan school on Sunday, killing 16 people, 14 of them children, and 58 were wounded, the AP reports.

U.S. Gen. David McKiernan, the top NATO commander in Afghanistan, said he believes that Siraj Haqqani’s militant network was responsible for the attack.

“The brutality and disregard for human life by terrorists is sickening, as I continue to witness innocent men, women and children being killed and maimed in the pursuit of this pointless insurgency,” McKiernan said.

Abdullah Fahim, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Kabul, said eight people in total died and 51 were wounded. Yacoub Khan, the deputy police chief of the eastern province of Khost reached late Sunday night, said he believed that only five school children had died. There are obvious death tolls difference here.

Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai condemned the attack and called it “un-Islamic.”

“Those who ordered and executed this attack cannot escape the revenge of Afghans and God’s punishment.”

(image: AFP)