China bans micro-messaging site Plurk


TechCrunch is reporting that China has blocked micro-messaging site for reasons still unknown.

“We at Plurk still don’t know why we are banned and we did not get any warnings from the Chinese government or have been in contact with them,” the site’s lead developer Amir Salihefendic said.

Plurk’s interface shows updates in horizontal form through a scrollable timeline. The site has often been considered to be a rival to Twitter and most of its traffic comes from Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, the U.S., and China.

The Chinese government frequently blocks foreign Web sites that it deems to have offensive content. Last month, Beijing halted the access to YouTube following a video released by the Tibetan government-in-exile, which was posted on the site. The clip allegedly showed Chinese forces beating Tibetans during protests that occurred last year.

Blogger, Google’s blog technology was also blocked in the past due to some “insulting blog posts” that appeared on it.

Is Twitter next?