China Beats Germany as World’s Top Exporter

China added another milestone in its fast growing economy as it claimed the number one spot as world’s top exporter.chinese-worker

The country exported goods of about 1.20 trillion dollars in 2009, edging out perennial and former number one Germany which raked 1.17 trillion dollars.

China’s exports rose 17.7% for the year 2009. Germany has anticipated losing the crown this year.

It is already the biggest auto maker and steel maker in the world. It has overtaken Germany as world’s third largest economy in 2007. It is expected to unseat number two Japan early this year. The United States remains at number one spot – for now.

This does not mean that the country is rich. In fact, it is considered as one of the poorest countries. With 1.3 billion people, the country ranks 130th in terms of per capita income in 2008.

China continues to grow as other markets are hampered by the economic recession.