China Loses 2000 Olympics Gymnastic Bronze Medal

Sydney-2000-LogoTen years after it was awarded, a bronze medal that was given to the gymnastics team of China was stripped off after the International Olympics Committee (IOC) found out that one of the team’s members was underage during that time.

Dong Fangxiao was proven to be 14 years old during the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics Games. An athlete must be 16 years old to compete in the gymnastics event quadrennial meet.

Dong was registered with a birthdate of January 20, 1983 during the 2000 event. That made her 17 years old. However, she herself officially declared her birthdate as January 23, 1986 during the 2008 edition of the games. China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Due to the sudden twist of events, the 2000 gymnastics team of the United States was elevated to the bronze spot.

The IOC has already asked the National Olympic Committee of China to return the medals so that they can be given to the Americans. The new medalists include Amy Chow, Jamie Dantzscher, Dominique Dawes, Kristen Maloney, Elise Ray and Tasha Schwikert. During that year Romania took the gold medal and Russia the silver medal.