Chinese City Government Opens Gay Bar

The health department of Dali City in Yunnan, China has opened and funded a gay bar to reach out to the increasing gay community in an effort to curb AIDS. However, some of the city’s taxpayers are not happy about the project.chinese-city-gay-bar

The city belongs to the top ten cities in China in terms of AIDS cases. One-third of the cases came from same-sex transmissions. The city spends 20,000 Yuan ($2929) on treatment drugs for AIDS annually.

Bar owner Zhang Jianbo is hoping that the pub will be the meeting place for gay men who used to gather in a patch of woods outside the town because of fear of discrimination.

The bar offers sex education and free condoms.

Volunteers from a local non-government AIDS prevention org will become staff members of the said bar.

“Some readers think that it’s a waste of taxpayer money, or an indirect endorsement of homosexual behavior. They think if there were another way to reach out to the gay community, it wouldn’t be necessary to open a bar,” the Beijing News said citing letters it received from readers.