Chinese guy goes to work in Iron Man costume [VIDEO]

Chinese Iron Man Video

Remember the guy who built an incredibly detailed replica of Megatron in tank mode? Well, the Chinese have done it again.

Wang Kang, a 25-year-old telecoms employee from Shanghai, has become famous online after showing up at work wearing this home-made Iron Man MK I costume. It weighs a whopping 110 pounds and Wang claims that it took him around three months to complete the giant robotic suit, at a cost of around $450.

“No colleagues knew my mission, and some of them froze there in seeing me approach,” he was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying. “Some were even screaming for being scared.”

According to the report, he was inspired to make the outfit after watching the 2008 box office hit Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr.

Check out the video below.