Chocolate directly causes depression, experts say

Chocolate lovers, beware!

There is a new research suggesting that chocolate can be a direct cause of depression. Researches in the Archives of Internal Medicine have released their findings that overeating chocolate can actually cause a person to feel more down.

The study used more than 900 participants and studied their diet, including the amount of chocolate that they eat per week. The people who used anti-depressant drugs were immediately taken out of the group.

The findings showed that, contrary to popular belief, men and woman do have similar habits when it comes to reaching out for sweets whenever they are feeling blue. The group, with seventy-seven percent of the participants being male, had similar results with their female counterparts.

The connection between chocolate and depression may be interpreted in two ways. On one hand, people who are often depressed may just happen to eat chocolate more often. However, the good feeling that people get from eacting chocolate may just produce short-term effects and cause long-term damage.

The scientists have described the symptoms to be similar with the effects of alcoholic beverages.

Chocolate has been known to raise the serotonin levels in the brain and boost blood sugar levels. This is why most people have considered chocolate as their “comfort food.”