Cholera death toll in Zimbabwe hits 484

Zimbabwe’s cholera epidemic has killed nearly 500 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

As of Monday, the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe has reported a total of 11, 735 cholera cases with 484 deaths since August 2008, affecting all provinces in the country. The overall case fatality rate is 4% but has reached up to 20–30% in remote areas.

zimbabwe cholera deaths

This week, the authorities turned off the taps in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital to stop the spread of the disease. The National Water Authority has ran out of purifying chemicals and feared that infected water would widen a cholera outbreak that has killed hundreds.

Even major state hospitals in Harare are barely functioning. Residents now rely on boreholes and others collecting supplies from unprotected sources, potentially accelerating the spread of the disease.

As refugees leave the country looking for relief from disease, hunger, economic collapse and political upheaval, they carry the disease with them.

Photo: The Telegraph