Chris Klein is now in rehab after second DUI

After being accosted for the second time for DUI, American Pie actor Chris Klein has reportedly voluntarily checked into rehab.

His second incident got him entangled with the California Highway Patrol who had observed Klein’s car weaving through traffic. The actor was pulled over and failed the sobriety test. His alcohol level was .20, which is three times more than the legal limit in California.

Celebrity news source Us Magazine, reports that a representative for Chris Klein was quoted to have said: “After recent events, Chris was forced to take a clear look at a problem he has been trying to deal with himself for years. He understands now that he can not beat this disease alone. He thanks everyone for their support as he takes all the necessary steps to deal with his addiction and asks for privacy while doing so.”

Klein was also arrested on drunk driving charges back in 2005.

When you find yourself drinking and driving a little too often, perhaps it’s time to consider checking into a rehab center for treatment.