Christian Bale goes ballistic, attacks DOP (Audio)

Remember those reports of Christian Bale going nuts on the set of “Terminator Salvation“? Luckily, the incident was audiotaped… and TMZ obtained a copy of it.

christian bale attack audio

The recording allegedly features Bale’s reaction to director of photography Shane Hurlbut while filming in New Mexico.

The DOP accidentally ruined one of Bale’s scenes by walking on the set and the actor suddenly lost his temper, pulled an “American Psycho” and started yelling and screaming–even threatening Hulburt.

“I want you off the f—ing set, you p—k!” Bale screamed– then continued for several solid minutes of verbal assault and mockery.

The audio contains some pretty unpleasant language. But if you wanna take a listen, click here.