Christopher Hitchens: Polemist, Atheist Author Dies at 62

Christopher-HitchensChristopher Hitchens, the British-American pundit and author whose writings both enraged and entertained people, has died. He was 62.

Christopher Hitchens passed away at the MD Anderson Center Center in Houston Thursday night due to pneumonia, a complication from an advanced-stage esophageal cancer that was diagnosed only last year. Hitchens was famous for his hard-hitting commentaries about politics, religion, and just about anything. He famously, or infamously, made known his case against religion in a 2007 book, “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.”

A leftist at heart, Hitchens was also known for supporting the right-endorsed war in Iraq of former U.S. President George W. Bush. His support for the American-led invasion of Iraq earned the ire of his comrades in the left, but Hitchens, as with anything, never budged. “Saddam was an enemy of the civilized world and he should have been taken out a long time before,” Hitchens said in justifying the necessity of the 2003 Iraq was that led to the downfall of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. “I have no regrets about that at all.”

Christopher Hitchens, who until his death remained a firm atheist, is survived by his wife Carol Blue and his three children.