Christopher Marley’s Insect Art


Christopher Marley, an artist using insects as his subjects to create beautiful and unique works of art has been featured in a CBS report today.

According to the report, Marley used to have a phobia from bugs but now he collects tons of them to create his artworks. While many of us are scared and find them as ugly creatures, Marley sees beauty and art raw material in them.

In the report, Marley was quoted saying, “I want to kind of juxtapose order and cleanliness and composition with the radical diversity of insects and their colors and their shapes and their patterns. The colors are unenhanced. We don’t mess with the colors at all.”

He gets insects of different kinds from collectors living in tropical rainforests. He pays them to find him insects that are colorful and strange looking.

Marley frames the bugs and sell it for up to thousands of dollars. Quite a unique artist, he is!