Calvin Klein ‘threesome’ billboard drawing much ire


Calvin Klein is under fire for a new billboard in downtown Manhattan depicting two men and a teenage girl in a semi-nude threesome.

Conservative groups have expressed their anger at the massive, sexually suggestive ad, saying the billboard is too racy to be displayed in public.

The graphic image at the intersection of Houston and Lafayette Streets (pictured above) shows a topless young woman on top of a bare chested lad, while making out with another shirtless guy on a sofa. Lying in front them is a third male—pants and shirt unbuttoned.

The blue-jeans giant has been pushing the envelope with sexually suggestive commercials ever since so this billboard isn’t exactly a huge surprise. But there will be more debates over this steamy ad in a couple of days and probably more than thousand blog posts like this one.

Is CK’s new billboard too hot for public display? Let us know what you think.