Class Lawsuit Filed Against Square Enix and Sony for Final Fantasy XIII Freeze Problem

final-fantasy-xiiiA class lawsuit was filed against Sony Computer Entertainment America and Square Enix for complaints regarding freezing in the middle of playing the game Final Fantasy XIII. The plaintiff also cited that in some cases, the freezing causes the Playstation 3 to become totally and permanently inoperable.

Daniel Wolf of San Diego, California filed the class lawsuit last June 2 and is demanding for five million dollars in damages.

The main problem however is that Sony and Square Enix are pointing fingers at each other which means that no solution is being formulated as of the moment. Sony said that the game disc contains a glitch that causes the console to freeze while Square Enix is claiming that there is a problem in the console’s Blu-Ray drive.

Final Fantasy XIII was released in Japan last December 17 and in the United States and Europe last March 9. It is the fastest selling title in the Final Fantasy franchise. As of May 18, 2010, a total of 5.55 millions copies of the game has been sold worldwide.