Class Suit Status Granted against Apple and AT&T

class_action_apple_attA US District Court Judge granted class action certification for a lawsuit filed against carrier AT&T and electronics and software developer Apple.

Judge James Ware of the District Court of northern California gave the go signal allowing everyone who has ever bought an iPhone that is in a contract with AT&T to be part of the lawsuit.

The argument is that the companies were monopolizing customers by not allowing the units to be unlocked for use with other networks after the exclusive two-year contract with AT&T expires.

“The court has allowed (multiple) plaintiffs to represent 20 million customers who have been forced to use AT&T for iPhone voice and data service, despite an agreement that allows them to terminate at any time and presumably switch carriers,” said Mark Rifkin, attorney for the plaintiffs.

AT&T has been the only carrier partner of Apple for the smartphone that was initially launched in 2007 and is now on its fourth version.