Classic and Eventful Survivor Tribal Council Sends JT Home

Who would reveal that he or she has two very important immunity idols in a single tribal council and then give it to two other castaways? That would be Parvati Shallow, winner of Survivor:Micronesia. And who would be giving an immunity idol to a member of the opposing tribe? That would be James “JT” Thomas, winner of Survivor: Tocantins and latest evictee of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.JT-Survivor

The two tribes have already merged. Their tribe name is very descriptive of the season’s plot and that is Yin Yang.

At the first individual immunity, Parvati and Danielle DiLorenzo were the remaining two left standing. After a discussion between the two, Parvati stepped down as she has an immunity idol.

The Heroes tribe then thought that she has an immunity idol and pretended that they will vote for her so that she will play her idol, but they would be voting someone else. Parvati rode along.

At the tribal council, Parvati revealed two immunity idols and gave them to Sandra Diaz-Twine and Jerri Manthey, effectively saving three members of the old Villains tribe.

Host Jeff Probst said in his blog that Parvati just made it to his Survivor Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, JT was shocked to have been voted out but was more shocked that the immunity idol he trustingly gave to Russel Hantz was one of those handed out by Parvati.

“Never, ever trust a woman,” he said in his farewell video.