Clue to the cause of death of Brittany Murphy’s husband surfaces

There is a piece of evidence that recently surfaced which could shed light to the cause of death of Simon Monjack–the late Brittany Murphy‘s widower.

According to entertainment source TMZ, Simon had left a strange voice mail in his own mobile phone.  It was reported that when criminal investigators were searching for clues about Simon’s murder, they found a voice mail which came from the deceased saying “I need to go to the hospital. I have a fever.”

The voice of Brittany Murphy’s mother Sharon can also be heard on the phone. In the background, Sharon had said “Tell them you have a … fever.” As of press time, it cannot be determined who Simon was trying to contact.

The police are also still investigating if Simon indeed intentionally dial the phone and recorded the message or if he was really sick and disoriented that he mistakenly dialed the cellular phone.