Colleges Split Over iPad Usage

Apple is facing a new problem regarding selling their latest product, the iPad, after some colleges prohibited its use in their campuses, at least for a while, over network stability and bandwidth issues.Cornell-university

The company projected that the higher education market would benefit best with the gadget’s portability and availability of e-books. Electronic books can eliminate expensive and heavy physical textbooks. However, many colleges believe that the iBookstore may not have enough contents yet to cover the scholastic needs of students.

George Washington University banned iPads, including iPhones and iPod Touches, because they can connect to its campus network and are worried over “security issues.”

Princeton University is having problems over its whole school computer system and blocking the iPads will help them deal with leased IP address problems which the device are using.

Cornell University (pictured) is worried about networking and connectivity issues fearing that their network may not be able to handle too many added devices. The university had that problem during the release of iPhone.

All the colleges are working out solutions for their connectivity, security and network concerns for iPad so that they can accommodate it in the future.

In the other end of the spectrum, Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania, will be giving one iPad unit to each incoming freshman.