Company Seeks Honeymoon Destination Tester

Imagine this, you and your partner hopping from a wedding and honeymoon destination to another for six months while also getting paid around $27,000 just by writing about your experience and promoting Ireland on the side. Impossible? Not if you and your partner will be picked by to become its honeymoon testers.

The Irish travel agency is willing to send couples to an all-expense paid trip to test wedding and honeymoon destinations in a promotional activity dubbed “The Ultimate Job,” with very few demands. All the winners have to do is write a blog or two every week about their experience and also submit an article to the Irish Times once a month.

Rosemarie Meleady, the managing director of the agency, said they have received more than 1,000 applications so far, with interested couples coming from the United States to as far as China and Korea.

Couples have until April 7 to submit their applications and winners will begin their “job” in mid-May.

(photo from flickr)