Congo Fuel Truck Explosion Kills Hundreds

A freak accident has claimed the lives of at least 235 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo when fire caused by spilled fuel from an overturned tanker burned dozens of homes on Saturday.

Authorities said the tanker flipped over as it was trying to overtake a bus, spilling fuel that it was carrying. Residents in Sange, South Kivu province, were collecting the spilled fuel when one of them allegedly lit a cigarette, causing the tanker to explode. The explosion ignited fuel on the streets, resulting in a huge fire that burned dozens of homes in the area.

The tragedy has left many people in shock, especially since many of the dead were children. Officials said at least 60 of those who perished were children. Nearly 200 people were injured in the accident, with some of them suffering from severe burns.

The UN mission said many of the dead were buried in mass graves as of Sunday, while around half of the injured still remain in hospitals.