The Daily Contributor Team

Founder / Co-Editor: Randy Marasigan
Randy Marasigan is the Founder and Editor of Daily Contributor. He has a Computer Science degree from the University of the Philippines, Los Baños.

Co-Editor: Sherwin Marasigan
Sherwin Marasigan is the Co-Editor and the main contributor for the site. A happy daydreamer who loves making sexual innuendos while watching Giada De Laurentiis cook. Dog lover. Awkward dancer. Closet rapper. Grateful he writes for a living.

Contributor: Ron Del Rosario

Ron is a Bill Gates’ ass kisser but later saw the light and now an open source convert. He’s now sticking to PHP after being blinded by ASP.NET. He likes inserting everyday boring conversations with trivia found with the help of Mr. Google. You can find Ron sitting in his workplace munching on something.

Contributor: Julianne Jane Verzola
Jhayjhaze is a Computer Science degree holder and is currently taking up a master’s degree in Information Technology. She also works as a Systems Engineer in a well-known Japanese company. In spite of the busy schedule, she likes to write about celebrity gossips and entertainment news for Daily Contributor.