Countries Issue Travel Warning Over Europe Terrorist Threat

French Police CarSeveral countries have warned their citizens against traveling to Europe amid reports of terrorist threat in the continent.

On Monday, Japan issued a travel advisory to its citizens currently in Europe, urging them to be extra vigilant when using public transport and going around tourist sites. Japan’s advisory followed similar action by the United States and Britain, which specifically mentioned France and Germany as the countries where the threats of terrorist attacks are highest.

European authorities have tightened security measures around Europe amid a claim last week by a Pakistani intelligence officer that eight Germans and two British citizens were part of a brewing plot to attack European cities. European security officials said that the plot may involve shooting sprees like the ones that occurred in Mumbai, India, in 2008. At least 173 people were killed during a three-day period in November 2008 when gunmen carried out more than ten shooting sprees in India’s largest city.