Country Babe Amanda Henkel

Amanda Henkel was born in Louisiana where she was influenced at an early age by her father’s love of country music.

country babe amanda henkel

She grew up listening to Waylon Jennings and her dad says that’s where she got her name.

“I remember as a little girl riding in my mom’s Cadillac and we would listen to Waylon’s 8-track over and over. My grandpa would sing and my dad would play the guitar.”

country babe amanda henkel
She has had a tremendous career in modeling and being a representative of Hawaiian Tropic for many years, but her heart and her future lies in country music.

In 2007, Henkel’s childhood dream finally came true when she started recording her debut CD at the famed Capitol Studios in Los Angeles with producer/engineer Csaba Petocz.

Her first single, “Climbing Up Mt. Everest,” was written by Robin Lerner and Thomas Lee James and was first recorded by the country group, South Sixty-Five.