Couple Convicted in John Stamos Extortion Case

john_stamosA US District Court jury has found a Michigan couple guilty of trying to extort $680,000 from John Stamos of hit television shows “Full House” and “ER.” With Stamos present during the trial, prosecutors were able to convince the jury that Allison Coss and Scott Sippola had threatened to make public what turned out to be non-existent incriminating pictures of the actor taking drugs if he did not give in to their demands.

Speaking during the trial, Stamos said he knew Coss, 24, but clarified that “there was no hot tub, no drugs, no nudity and nothing sexual in nature involved in my friendship with this woman.” The FBI also failed to find the photographs the couple claimed to possess when agents searched Coss and Sippola’s homes, cars, and computers.

Stamos sought the help of the FBI in November last year after he received several e-mail from an identified person claiming to have compromising photographs of him. In another e-mail, the couple posed as a woman who was allegedly impregnated by Stamos.

Coss and Sippola could face up to five years in jail. They will be sentenced on October 8.