Chinese couple sells their kids to fund online game addiction

Online Gaming Addiction

Here’s a strange case about excessive gaming gone very awry.

A Chinese couple is accused of selling their kids (all three) in exchange for cash to play video games at internet cafes. Li Lin and Li Juan, who are both under 21, sold their baby daughter for roughly $500 as well as two sons for $4,600 each.

The couple was turned into authorities after Li Lin, the father, told his mother what happened. The couple claims they didn’t know selling children was illegal, and when asked if they missed their children, the parents said they didn’t want to raise the kids, and just wanted the money.

We know China has more online gaming addicts than any other country, but this news has really startled me. Last year, a 41-year-old man from South Korea was sentenced to two years in prison after he and his wife left their baby to die of malnutrition while raising a virtual child online.