Court Rules Vaccine Does Not Cause Autism

A “vaccines court” ruled in several cases that vaccines with mercury containing preservative thimerosal does not cause autism, much to the disappointment of parents claiming reimbursements for their children’s illness.thimerosal-infants

The court said that there was no enough scientific evidence that can support the claim that the combination of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccines and thimerosal causes the neural development disorder.

Last Friday, March 12, the special US Court of Federal Claims ruled the same findings on a fourth case involving an Oregon boy, William Mead. The ruling was a blow to the other 5,300 parents who filed similar cases to the court.

The families are seeking reimbursement through the no-fault payout system National vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It is a 2.5 billion dollar fund that came from a 75 cent per dose tax on vaccines designed to help vaccine manufacturers against lawsuits that may end up closing their business.

It is estimated that one out of 110 US children is affected by autism.