Current Gay Marriages News Around the World

One European country is preparing to approve it, a North American state disapproves it, while an African nation proposes to put some homosexual acts as punishable by

The Parliament of Portugal approved Friday, January 8, the proposed plans to legalize same-sex marriages. The vote 123-99 moved the bill to be reviewed by a committee then for final Parliament deliberation before sending it to President Anibal Cavaco Silva for signing. If approved, the first wedding ceremonies might take place in April, a month before the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The opposition is calling for a national referendum regarding the bill.

The state of New Jersey was added to the list of states banning same sex marriages. The state senate has defeated a bill allowing such unions in a vote 20-14 also last Friday. Supporters threatened to bring the matter to the courts, the state Supreme Court specifically, where civil union rights for gay people were won in 2006.

Finally in Uganda, a minister expressed disagreement over a bill putting to death some activities related to gay relationships believing that the current laws are already enough. Homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment in the country. It is a law that is widely criticized by rights groups and western nations. The new bill states that people infected with HIV who engage in sex must be put to death. Rape of a minor by someone who is of age and of the same sex will also merit death penalty. What is disturbing is that i will also criminalize the discussion of homosexuality and renting a property to a homosexual.