Daily Contributor app for your iPhone and iPod Touch


It has finally arrived! Daily Contributor application for the iPhone and iPod touch has been approved and now available on the Apple AppSotre.

Daily Contributor App Welcome Screen

The DailyContributor app is a quick and up-to-date reader free to download on your iPhone and iPod Touch. At first you need to have a Wi-Fi connection to¬† access the latest updates but once it’s cached, you can read the downloaded articles even without an internet connection.

DC app is arranged via the major categories namely: Technology, Entertainment, Sports, World News and Fun. You can also read the latest post in order by tapping “Latest” on the screen.

DC App Main Categories

The file size of the application is just 0.5 MB so it won’t eat up a lot of space on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


If you want updated news and stories then fire-up your iTunes and download the DailyContributor app here: DailyContributor App


It’s compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch but it requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

DC App Post

This app is created using MobDis. MobDis is an easy to use content management system to help content publishers and advertisers syndicate their content to all major mobile platforms (i.e. iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry and Palm). With MobDis, content publishers can easily publish a branded mobile application that your readers can use to read and interact with your content, with no programming needed! Go to www.MobDis.com to find out more.