Daily Tips to Increase Your Productivity at Work

productivityThe modern office environment is bright and busy, pulling your attention in all directions at once. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working constantly but inefficiently, wasting hours that you could reclaim for yourself. Refocus and give your productivity a much-needed boost with these quick tips.

Set Mini-Goals

You can’t increase your productivity if you don’t have a clear idea of your goals. Keep a master list of all your projects, then break these down into manageable chunks. Schedule these miniature goals so you’re checking several items off your list every day and making consistent measurable progress toward your goals. Supplement deadlines set by your superiors with deadlines of your own to help you stay on track and avoid a stressful last-minute rush.

Time Yourself

Before you can streamline your schedule, you need to know where your hours are going. Download an app that will time your tasks. T-Mobile smartphones like the new Galaxy S5 when paired with a strong network such as T-Mobile’s will give you plenty of power and the options to keep track of your tasks. Apps on the Android market such as Google Keep and Wunderlist can help you organize your day. Time all your tasks for a few days and analyze the results. This quick project may reveal hours of time you can reclaim by eliminating things like unimportant meetings or excessive trips to the water cooler.

Take Purposeful Breaks

Schedule a break every 90 minutes and make it count. Don’t while away your time on social media whenever you feel overwhelmed. Give your break time a purpose and engage in productive activities. A few office stretches in your cubicle can help you get your blood flowing and wake up a tired body. Incorporate brief periods of meditation in your day and you may soon find you have improved memory and a better attention span.

Ditch the Distractions

Distractions are everywhere, especially if you have added devices like a smartphone on hand while you’re at your computer. Turn off pointless notifications and close your email window if you can so you’re not pausing every few minutes to address something else, even if it’s only for a moment. Multitasking counts as a distraction as well. You’re less effective at both tasks when you try to do two things at once. Focus on one job at a time and shut out anything else. If an essential interruption pops up, give it your full attention.

Spruce Up Your Office

A more pleasing office environment can actually boost your productivity. Create a space that makes you feel refreshed, optimistic, and full of energy to face the day ahead. Incorporate a little color psychology and add blue for a calming effect in a harried office, or try a splash of yellow to boost creativity. Keeping a potted plant on your desk can increase productivity while giving your cube a welcome pop of color and beauty.
Try these simple changes and you may be surprised at the extra time you can squeeze out of your day. Just a few tweaks to your regular routine could result in a big boost to your productivity and an impressive increase in the quality of your work while you’re on the job.