Dakota Fanning as a Volturi in New Moon?

Dakota Fanning has been offered the role of a vampire in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, according to E!

dakota fanning as a Volturi in new moon

“There were no auditions,” a source reveals. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

The 14-year-old actress (she turns 15 on Feb. 23) is negotiating for the role of Jane, a member of Italy’s Volturi, an organized coven of bloodsuckers in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series.

The Volturi are considered the most sophisticated coven, like a vampire mafia, and they have existed for at least three thousand years, if not more.

I think Dakota is perfect for the job. She’s all grown up now! She reminds me of Kirsten Dunst on her role as Claudia in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.

What do you think?