“Dancing with the Stars” Eliminates 1st Celeb

Mike Catherwood will have to do his “sexual-tension” filled dances with Lacey Schwimmer on a different stage after the radio personality known as DJ Psycho Mike became the first celebrity contestant to be eliminated from the 12th season of “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday.

Catherwood, who hosts the “Loveline” advice show on Los Angeles-based KROQ, consistently landed dead last in each of the first two rounds. Psycho Mike and Schwimmer scored 13 points for their foxtrot in the first round and 17 for the jive in the second round. Catherwood and Schwimmer grabbed headlines, though, not for their dancing but for the sexual tension that was very obvious every time the two took the dance floor. The sexual tension between the two was so high that DWTS producers reportedly had to ask the partners to tone down their steaminess. “A representative said Dancing with the Stars has told Lacey Schwimmer, my partner, [and me], that we need to focus more on dancing and less on raw, pure sexual tension,” Catherwood said earlier this week.

The ten remaining celebrity contestants and their partners will return next week to perform either the rumba, paso doble, or waltz.