‘Dancing with the Stars’ To Prove that Boo-gate was not for Sarah Palin

dancing with the stars Dancing with the Stars will prove in the results show that the booing made by the audience during the competition night was not meant for the visiting former Governor of Alaska.

“We are going to show footage from another camera angle. Thank God we had a camera on the grassy knoll!”┬ásaid host Tom Bergeron to Entertainment Weekly. “You’ll see the judges basically taking on the audience. They were upset they gave Jennifer Grey an 8″.

It all started out after the performance of Grey and partner Derek Hough. They were being interviewed by co-host and former winner Brooke Burke. They suddenly heard booing from the audience. The broadcast was suddenly cut to an interview by Bergeron to Sarah Palin who was on the show to watch the performance of daughter Bristol.

The sudden change in the broadcast sent speculations among viewers that it was Palin who was being booed at.