Danny Glover Arrested for Trespassing

The star of Lethal Weapon film series Danny Glover was arrested for trespassing Friday, April 16.Danny-Glover

Glover, along with 11 others, crossed the yellow police tape during a protest rally in front of a Maryland company building. The group refused to step back before they were arrested.

The protest rally was a part of The Service Employees International Union, which Glover is an advocate, and in support of the employees of Sodexo Cafeteria. They were protesting against low wages and civil rights abuses.

The actor will either be paying $1000 or face 90 days in jail. He was given a citation before he was allowed to go home.

This is not the first time the he attended protest rallies. He previously marched in front of the Sudan Embassy in Washington during the humanitarian crisis and also voiced his opinion in opposition of the war in Iraq.

He starred in other moves like Saw, Dreamgirls and most recently as US President in 2012. His latest movie Death of a Funeral was released this weekend in the United States.