Danny Gokey is the night’s redeemer on ‘American Idol’


American Idol” went live for the first time in Season 8 on Tuesday.

Three of the show’s four judges (of course Simon wasn’t included) heaped praise on Danny Gokey’s version of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”

Gokey was the last to perform in a group of 12 singers out of the top 36 semifinalists. Jamar Rogers, his friend who auditioned with him, was in the audience.

“The redeemer of the night right here… Danny Gokey! That was blazing hot!” Randy said in his usual simple way. Kara said he was incredible. Paula told him he was stellar. Simon didn’t think it was that great but for him…Danny is a good singer.

The judges directed their harshest criticism at Stephen Fowler, Casey Carlson and Stevie Wright, who Simon said had “zero” chance of advancing to the next round.

VIDEO: Danny Gokey’s rendition of “Hero”