“Dark Knight Rises” Female Roles Up for Grabs

The Dark Knight Rises” director Christopher Nolan is reportedly set to meet in the coming weeks several actresses who are in the running for two important female roles in what is presumably the acclaimed filmmaker’s final Batman film.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Biel are among those who are scheduled to audition for roles as Bruce Wayne’s lover or Batman’s nemesis in “Dark Knight Rises,” Nolan’s third film about the caped crusader. Also being considered for the significant roles are newcomers Kate Mara and Charlotte Riley. Mara, who is a member of the Mara family that owns NFL teams New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, has appeared in such films as “Brokeback Mountain” and “127 Hours.” Riley, on the other hand, is an English actress best known for her role in the 2009 adaptation of “Wuthering Heights.”

Although Nolan has yet to announce the characters that will appear on “Dark Knight Rises,” some sources claim that one of the female characters would probably be Talia, the daughter of super villain Ra’s Al Ghul.