Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza sizzles in Maxim (September 2009)


Venezuelan hottie Dayana Mendoza is featured in the September 2009 issue of Maxim. And since her reign as Miss Universe is coming to an end, the 23-year-old has decided to grab our attention by posing topless in the latest edition of the men’s magazine.

Now you might think this would cause a storm of controversy, but don’t worry because these photos were provided by the Miss Universe Organization. Pageant officials say that Dayana is simply appearing in Maxim, after all — not Playboy or Penthouse — and you can’t really see anything in the pics.

Be sure to get a copy of Maxim’s September issue on newsstands August 18th for more of Dayana. You can go here for a Maxim magazine subscription.

Check out some highlights below:

What was the reaction like in Venezuela when you won?
Venezuela went 12 years not having a Miss Universe. They did, like, parades. In South America we’re big fanatics of pageants. My parents told me that when I won, cars were going through the streets honking like after a soccer match.

And when you got home, were people still going crazy?
I saw all these Venezuelans with the little flags, and they were crying, and I was kind of crying as well. I really enjoyed how much happiness I could bring to so many people by winning. And I think we needed it in my country.

Does a guy have to be an oil tycoon to get a date with you?
No, he doesn’t have to be a soccer player or an actor, either. He just has to be a special guy who is very genuine.

The 2009 Miss Universe pageant will be broadcast live on Sunday, August 23rd.