Death toll mounts as Israel expands Gaza attack

At least 18 Palestinians were killed early Tuesday, as Israeli troops have moved deeper into Gaza.

The soldiers seized high-rise establishments in three eastern districts of Gaza City; drove out residents and shot militants in the streets in their serious effort to break Hamas’s fighting capability.

death toll israel attack on gaza

Israel said it had killed 130 Hamas fighters since launching its ground attack on Saturday night, as the Islamist rebels fought using mortars, rockets grenades and small arms.

About 560 Palestinians have been killed and another 2,500 wounded since Israel moved to end rocket attacks from Gaza 11 days ago, according to Palestinian medical officials.

Maxwell Gaylard, United Nations humanitarian affairs coordinator, said at a Jerusalem news briefing that because of the attacks, people could not reach available food.

“Children are hungry, cold, without electricity and running water”, he said, “and above all, they’re terrified. That by any measure is a humanitarian crisis.”

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the operation in Gaza will go on until Israel achieved “peace and tranquility” for occupants of southern Israel.

Image: The New York Times