Dell Adamo XPS ultrathin notebook


Crafted to fall in love with at 9.99mm

We’ve seen thin notebooks since the launch of the MacBook Air, but now the battle of ultrathin notebooks has elevated to new heights. We thought that the new Sony Vaio X could be the thinnest at less than half an inch but with Dell Adamo XPS, the battle is on.

How Thin?

ADAMO XPS (10 millimeters = 0.393700787 inches) vs. VAIO X (< 0.5 inch = 12.7 millimeters)

It’s thinner than your iPhone!

The Adamo XPS is the clear winner in the “thinnest notebook” department (as of now) but we are still waiting for the official specs and other notebook makers to announce their 8 millimeters.

[via Engadget]