Democrats See Healthcare Bill Passage

Barack-ObamaSaying that they already have the numbers to pass President Barack Obama’s comprehensive healthcare bill, Democrats in the House of Representatives are ditching a previous plan to avoid a direct up-or-down vote. Maryland Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer said he believes that they “have the votes to pass the Senate Bill.”

The healthcare bill, which passed the Senate last year, is viewed as the most sweeping healthcare reform legislation since the creation of Medicare more than 40 years ago. Obama, who has been playing an active role in the campaign for the passage of the bill, rallied his allies at Capitol Hill, saying that the Sunday vote is one of those moments when everyone should “stand up” for the party.

If passed, the bill would require all Americans to get health insurance, with the government helping poor citizens pay their premiums. The proposed legislation would also prohibit health insurance providers from denying applications from people with pre-existing medical conditions.